Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pete Findlay

Images of Pete...banging away on a manual typewriter typing letters to congressmen about the evils of nuclear everything...Dressed as Reagan for Halloween...Talking loud and making WHOOPING noises pretty much anywhere...Sitting in his living room in the dark listening to The White Album....Watching him (and Allen and Bill and Doug and Steve showing off shamelessly playing football on Dendron Road when the Hazelwoods first moved in)...Playing jazz in a darkened dorm room and recovering from chemo...Rushing off to go to a rally on the green before Kev and I pointed out that it was an April fool's issue of the BAM and the rally had no actual topic...His calling campus security to report a stolen bagel when Kev was giving him a hard time for eating his without permission...His cracking up my little brother (maybe 8 at the time) yelling "where the heck is my blankety-blank pipe" (line from some jr high play) when he came to deliver/collect for the paper.

That's off the top of my head. Oh, and I think he was responsible for the secret admirer note in like 7th grade which was probably just to find out who I liked so he could torture me about it.


  1. NICe memories Beth...I rmember some of those days . the football was fun and it was a good time..GOOd luck to you .


  2. More stuff about Pete:

    Things in my life that are all Pete's fault:

    Fascination with all things W.E.B.DuBois--seminar on him we both registered for, but only I got to take Jr year.

    My love of jazz. Most of my exposure to it early was through him.

    My love of the Beatles. All about hanging out with Pete and being saturated with Beatles music.

    My work in HIV/AIDS. When I first read about it, it sounded like contagious leukemia. How could I not devote my career to fighting that one.

    My habit of carrying around stones in my pockets as reminders. He videotaped a conversation with Beth on the beach where he gave her a Moonstone Beach rock to carry to remind her of her own struggle. I saw the video at RI Hosp when I watched all the ones he made with the great psychologist on staff there who worked with pediatric oncology patients as part of the class at Brown that he start as a GISP. I have always found the rock in pocket as reminder to be really helpful. And I always bring a beach rock to his grave when I visit. Which turns out to be a Jewish tradition. Dan said I was always a jew and didn't know it. Just more evidence, I guess.